at a glance

Year 3 (Pre-K) at Serra is a four hour program that runs either in the morning or afternoon, five days a week.

The typical child:teacher ratio in our Year 3 classes is 7:1 with 14 children in each class.

A DAy in the life

Our teachers strive to create a stimulating and challenging environment that fosters self-competence and supports the child’s developing self image. Because children need to experience success, we are aware of and work within the child’s developmental ability. Children learn to work well independently and in a group. They learn to clarify, organize and extend their explorations through the support of our teachers.

Field trips are an integral part of the Year 3 experience. Children and teachers embark on a wide variety of experiences within and outside of the park. The “Presidigo”, the Presidio’s bus system, takes our children far and wide throughout the city and beyond. We love integrating parents into our field trip excursions.

At the end of year 3 Serra children are capable, independent, thoughtful citizens of the world. Ready for success in their future endeavors.